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Tilt and Load

Our tilt and load services are designed to cater to the transportation needs of various industries, including construction, manufacturing, and agriculture.


The company based in Greater Toronto Area servicing all of Ontario. Capacity to deliver at dock level or ground level with tilt and load flat beds.

Offers specialized tilt and load flat bed services and has a 3 acre storage compound. When it comes to determining the best way of handling your daily projects, it makes sense to turn to a team of professionals. Our team has vast experience with equipment and container moves. With our state of the art equipment we can move single to multiple pieces loads and specialty loads.


A diverse company that provides the customer with prompt and efficient deliveries. You will find that the services rendered are of the highest quality you the customer should expect.


Using the winch and hydraulic system a very effective method to deliver at construction sites, job sites and residential areas where customers do not have access to Crain's and fork lifts.

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Cheymar Logistic - Flatbed Services
Cheymar Logistic - Flatbed Services.jpg
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