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Temperature Controlled Units

Temperature Controlled Units / Refrigerated Units

More Cool Space! Designed to offer an immediate refrigerated environment whether cooling or freezing merchandise, you can truly expand your cold storage area by incorporating the temperature controlled structure within your existing facility as an added extension or simply as a stand-alone structure creating an instant cold storage space at limited cost. Equipment can be configured to accommodate additional entry points using standard freezer or insulated roll-up type doors which can be subsequently mounted.

The Easy Access Cold Storage Unit is a standard ISO insulated operating reefer structure available in 4 sizes: 8’w x 20’L, 8’w x 40’L 8’.6”w x 48’L, 8’6” x 53’L. Constructed of either a heavy interior stainless steel finish (food grade) or kemlite finish, insulated polyurethane foam in place 3” and shielded by an aluminum exterior siding. Equipped with insulated swing double door with locking mechanism opening to full width facilitating safe and easy access to inventory via walk-in or industrial material handlers e.g.: Pump truck, fork lift, wheel-in trays etc. (options include roof top mount or intergraded systems illustrated below)

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Refrigerated stand-alone units features and advantages

  • Self sustained cold storage unit

  • Immediate installation and accessibility

  • Inexpensive, eliminates need to lay concrete floor

  • Easy to clean stainless steel interior

  • Designed to freeze or chill products as required

  • PVC curtains available to hold refrigerated air in

  • Portability

  • Available in 8 x 20, 8 x 40ft, 8.6 x 53ft sizes

ISO cooling/freezing units can be modified for specific use. Units are delivered and positioned as required where designated on premises. Provision for an electrical supply of 460/480 3-phase 25 AMPS MAX / 19 running or 208V 35 AMPS MAX / 25 running is required for intergraded units, roof top units are wire for 220V Single Phase Service, consult electrician for installation or log on to for information regarding phase converters.

Common modification include:

  • Walk-in freezer doors

  • Electricity / Heating / Lighting

  • Custom Paint

8 x 20ft Temperature Controlled Units / Refrigerated Units

8 x 40ft Temperature Controlled Units / Refrigerated Units